A cruise on the Danube

We invite you to experience a cruise on the Danube that will amaze your senses thanks to the 120 km of natural wonders that the gorge has to offer. From Bazias until the Iron Gates, the gorge offers a unique experience through its unique landscapes that reconstruct history.

The most beautiful part of the gorge are the Boilers. At the Boilers, the Danube offers an unique view to the sector where the Danube passes through the Carpathian Mountains. This portion is very narrow in some places reaching up to 230 meters.

The two boilers form a complex on an area of ​​150 hectares. In the Boilers, the water flow rate exceeds 5 m/s. The Large Boilers have a length of about 4 km, falling between massive Ciucarul Mare (Romania) and Veliki Strbac (Serbia). The rocky wall that near the Large Boilers has are two cavities, forming the caves of Veterans and the Ponicovei Mouth.

The Small Boilers stretch over a length of about 3 km and are positioned between the massive Ciucarul Mic (Romania) and Mali Strbac (Serbia).

What makes this scenery spectacular is that the mountains are coming down the steep sides and plunge right into the

The Cruise leaving from Orşova lasts about 3 hours, during which you can admire many sights such as the Tabula Traiana, an inscription dating from 100. BC and is part of UNESCO. Other sites are the Mraconia Monastery, and the gulfs of Dubova and Mraconiei.