A spectacle of nature
A spectacle of nature

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

The City of Drobeta is located at the boarder of Banat and Oltenia, on the left bank of the Danube in the south – western part of Romania. The town is at a distance of 220 km to 335 km from Bucharest and Timisoara . Drobeta name comes from Drubeta , “drub” meaning, in the Getian language, crossroad.

The location on which the city grew, is supposed to be the ancient settlement of Schela Cladovei, which archaeologists claim that would have existed for 9,000 years. In the historical past, the city had great importance from a strategic standpoint, being the place where the the Romans broke into Dacia.

The Romans built Trajan’s Bridge over the Danube, which is a masterpiece of the architect Apollodorus of Damascus.

The bridge was intended to create a link between Dacia and the rest of the Roman Empire. Another important moment in history has been building the Severin Fortress in XIII century by the Hungarian Empire.

The city was placed under the patronage of St. Severin of Noricum, hence the name of the city. After the Ottoman invasion, the city was burnt and only one single tower remains today as a reminder of the past. The city enjoys a mild climate with Mediterranean influences, with sunny summers and warmer winters compared to other regions of the country.

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