Corporate Events

Successful corporate events are our business card. We have a team of professionals with a rich experience in organising corporate events, and the facilities of our hotel live up to the most modern standards. In order to organise a corporate event, our team will assist you in coordinating and planning seminars, conferences, courses and corporate parties. We also offer catering services in locations specified by the client. Our conference rooms and the flexibility of their layout recommend us for many types of corporate events such as Christmas Parties, business lunches, workshops or corporate presentations.

coffe break

Coffee Break & Lunch

60-150 seats 2 halls

We have learned from experience that during a business meeting coffee breaks are very important in order to deepen certain conversation and for networking. That is why we provide all our experience to find the best solution for you in order to have an outstanding event.

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We believe that the success of a business meeting or of a corporate event is tightly connected with impeccable planning and implementation of coffee breaks and lunch. Meanwhile, your guests can share ideas and opinions about the event and this is also a sign of the success of a conference or a business meeting.


Custom services

The relaxing time during your coffee break is perfectly supplemented by a tailor-made menu. One of the two corporate event halls opens to Rozelor Park. Here, participants can take a breath of fresh air to regain their energy.


The coffee break or lunch or dinner menu can be customised so that it can include finger food, sweets or pastries.


Business meetings

60-150 seats 2 halls

Business meetings or professional meetings are designed to maintain a close relationship with your business partners and also are a good opportunity to keep up to date with their needs. For that purpose, we have three conference rooms, two at Continental Drobeta Turnu Severin and one at the Continental Iron Gates Motel.

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The success of your business meeting is closely related with an impeccable organisation. Our qualified personnel can advise you in choosing the perfect conference room and offering you different options for your coffee break.

Continental Drobeta Turnu Severin offers customers in the business area two conference rooms. Our staff will provide you with the necessary logistics for the event and our conference rooms are equipped with all the necessary facilities such as natural light, projection screen, flip chart, free Wi-Fi. On request we can provide additional IT equipment, but also secretarial and translation services, as well as a desk or special audio / video equipment.


Custom services

The conference rooms have a flexible layout and can be configured and adapted according to our customer’s requirements. The conference rooms can be arranged in various ways.


Our experienced team is here to provide you with advice in planning your event.

corporate parties

Corporate Parties

60-150 seats 2 halls

We all know that maintaining a healthy relationship between employees and employers is very important so whenever you wish to reward your employees by organising an unforgettable corporate party, contact our team of professionals.

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Our experienced staff will be there to help you, whether it is a Valentine’s Day Party, a Christmas Party or any other type of celebration.

Regardless of the theme, the hotel management will be attentive to details, thus guaranteeing a pleasant atmosphere for both the organisers and the participants.


The Menu

You can choose between a cocktail party, a buffet or a standard menu. Regardless of your choice, we are here to provide you with the best food and the best selection of drinks.


Depending on the company’s identity, the party can be traditional, with an atmosphere maintained by an orchestra and professional dancers. If you want to organise a less formal party, we provide special equipment for karaoke. Party music can be provided by a DJ or a band and our services and our services also include the sound system and the architectural lights.



60-150 seats 2 halls

In order to help you organise the perfect teambuilding, we have created special packages including 2 or 3 nights accommodation and different types of indoor and outdoor activities.

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Indoor and outdoor activities are ranging from the most relaxing ones such as visits to Tabula Traiana, The Mraconia Monastery , the face of Decebal carved in the mountain, the Large and Small boilers, The Veterans Cave, The Ponicova Cave) to the ones full of adrenaline such as rafting, paintball, mountaineering, flying fox, bouldering and trekking.


Tourist attractions

During the cruise on the Danube you will be able to visit important tourist attractions such as: Tabula Traiana, The Mraconia Monastery , the face of Decebal carved in the mountain, the Large and Small boilers, The Veterans Cave, The Ponicova Cave.


For adrenaline lovers, we recommend filling the 3 days of teambuilding with activities such as rafting, paintball and X-treme Tour Speo consisting speoturism, mountaineering, flying fox and booster, bouldering and trekking. The rafting is relaised on the Nera River or on the Cerna. Another highlight of your adventure is paintball game, at witch, whether you win or lose, you feel good at the end and always remember that there is always a next game.


The adventure on the Danube include activities like water speoturism through the cave entrance and a crossing a distance of 1.6 km to the exit, where you will enjoy a delicious brine fish soup prepared directly into the wild. For a spectacular view of the gorge, we recommend you a moment of rest on the plateau of Ciucaru Mare, so you can admire spectacular views over the Danube Gorge.